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.Allow Me to Create the Stars. by suzux
.Allow Me to Create the Stars.
Drawn: 9/26/15

Drawn: 9/26/15

Oh! Finished a piece this soon! Yeah.

I haven't drawn my character High God Atl'Ch from my characters universe for quite a while, well, officially finished due to the fact I have doodles of him all around. Hahaha.

Being the God of Night, Darkness, and the Underworld.Known as The Weaver and The Archer, Atl'Ch is preparing the night sky with his hair here, about to send it soaring through the skies with a flick of his wrist.
I am a sucker for white hair. XD So much hair!

High God Atl'Ch © suzux
Hrmmmm Some Added Contemplation. by suzux
Hrmmmm Some Added Contemplation.
Drawn: 9/4/15

GASPED. An upload! Hahaha, a lack of inspiration struck me throughout the summer months, but autumn is just around the corner... thus, perhaps, more drawings!

So here be a remake of an older piece I did nearly three years prior, or uh, two and a half? EH.

I'd been hankering to do a creepy pic after looking at this one and since it's nearing the Haunting Holiday, why not utilize some Blood Witch?

My hand exploded after coloring this one. XD This drawing is huge in real life. WHY. WHYYY. WHYYY. But I love drawing me some Blood Witch Kiyo and more may probably be uploaded further along these next few months.

Yay...? Plus I hope my skills have improved over the years when comparing the two pieces. XD AGHHHHSFHHDS.

No-Kiyoshi-Kujo "Blood Witch" © :iconsuzux:
Chibi Sisters by suzux
Chibi Sisters
Drawn: 7/30/15

Just a simple little chibi piece of my half-sister cousin... sister people. XD

Kiyo being a bit mischievous, or something, while attempting not to fall over in sheer exhaustion with Aolani being a dorky sweetie, wondering what on earth is going on.


No-Kiyoshi-Kujo & Ah-Aolani-Yani
.We are still standing in this line. by suzux
.We are still standing in this line.
Drawn:    5/17/15-5/28/15

GASPED! An upload! Hahaha.

I wanted to do an updated version of a piece I did over four years ago. So why not? Especially since some characters have either been updated in design, officially created, or officially dropped? And plus haven't done a digital piece in a while and been having a hankering for abusing the sparkle and lense flare brushes! :B

Goddess Viras: Primordial Goddess of Chaos and Evening Light. Goddess of the Winds. Goddess of Stars.

Youngest of the Primordial Gods. A wild card, but a surprisingly patient, conniving, strategic deity. Extremely tough to offend/anger and finds lower dimensional beings absolutely fascinating.

Goddess Temhs: Primordial Goddess of Order and Morning Light. Goddess of the Earth. Goddess of Stars.

The sort of 'middle child' of the Primordial Gods. Rigid, but an understanding sort. A short fuse and hot tempered. A mercurial Goddess. Most lower dimension beings and Gods haven't the slightest clue on how she may react a vast amount of the time.

Goddess Renenet: Goddess of Fortune and Prosperity. Daugher of Viras and another certain God... :3 somewhere out there!

A manipulative, sardonic, and opportunistic. Is quick to doll out vast amounts of wealth to certain cultures/regions/planets/etc while starving others of it to incite change, revolution, and growth. Personally despises the Goddess Nox and thus the two fight occasionally, or Renenet goes after the fledgling Hi'Naa to easily bully if Nox is unavailable.

Tends to give herself a simplistic appearance when cavorting about the mortal realms so as to throw them off.

Goddess Hi'Naa: Fledgling Goddess of Restful and fulfilling sleep, pleasant dreams. Goddess that leads those that have died in battle, young children and babies, and those whom have unjustly suffered to the afterlife. Goddess of Funeral rites.

Second child and daughter of the Primordial Gods Atl'Ch and Pei'Le.

 A shy, young Goddess. Fledgling and about the enter the next stage of her development. Tends to avoid other Gods due to bullying and their disdain over whom her parents are. Referred to as a janitorial God as an insult. A sweet nature girl she adores mortals and tends to hang around them most of the time.

Adores her older sister Nox and the Warrior God Belru, tends to run to them when Renenet decides to torment her.

Goddess Nox: Goddess of Sleep, Dreams, and Rejuvenation.
First child and daughter of the Primordial Gods Atl'Ch and Pei'Le.

A reclusive, stoic Goddess. One who interacts with lower dimension beings on a near constant basis. It is a challenge to ever find her, but if one does she is a gracious host and rather quiet, humorous deity.

Has had a long on/off relationship with the God Belru. Friends with benefits for the most part. Various Gods tend to avoid her due to her early history of beating the snot out of those whom always came to challenge her due to parentage, or attempt to spirit her away for marriage.

Goddess Pei'Le: Primordial Goddess of Death-Rebirth-Life. Goddess of Souls. Goddess of Magic.

Reclusive is the best way to describe her. Harbors a somewhat spacey demeanor, she is quite the welcoming deity, but one that shouldn't be pestered incessantly with breaking natural laws,  or making an attempt to rewrite death/birth. One whom is kind, but harbors an aloof air to many.

Common-law marriage with the Primordial God Atl'Ch after her failed marriage with the God Taiowa.

Has had only two viable children with the Goddess Nox and Goddess Hi'Naa. The other 'children', or... 'things' that had been born to her have been just miscarriages, or things that were simply 'WRONG'. Currently working on forming two more viable ones. XD

So yay! Finally finished with these all! FINALLY. :3

Goddess Viras, Temhs, Renenet, Hi'Naa, Nox, and Pei-Le © :iconsuzux:
.I shall clothe you in flames and stars. by suzux
.I shall clothe you in flames and stars.
Drawn: 4/25/15

Colors! I adore them!

High Goddess Pei-Le adoring her precious new bundle of poop and tears; Now her two daughters welcome a brand new siblings in their midst.

If their mother doesn't eat him first. XD

I've been wanting to do a piece like this for a while, but alas! A drawing rut manage to plunk itself into my arm, so this be A MIRACLE! Or something.
And a comparison between side-profile pieces from previous ones. Yay!

High GoddessPei-Le © :iconsuzux:
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So. Uh. Yes? XD It's been quite some time since I've come around updating this thing.

I've mainly been working on my Etsy site for the past month to prepare for the upcoming holidays. CHECK IT OUT, HINT HINT HINT.…


.... so whom be interested? Interested in the chibi art trades? :3

Perhaps after Halloween? Or before?


Some chick.
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