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'Got a little show for ya...' by suzux
'Got a little show for ya...'
Drawn: 9/6/16

Nothing like a good gander at some side boobage!

Hahaha, I haven't drawn my crazy chaos goddess nor her man god toy for quite some time. It's always grand putting these two together since they're both nuts and, uh, well, sheenanigans!

Viras isn't exactly ecstatic seeing her husband/boyfriend/personshelikes Marduk trapped, sealed, and drained by some wily mortals.
She is gonna get REVENGE! ..... not before she trolls the crap outta the confined exhausted bounded god. And boy howdy does she loves to troll! XD But... the more upset and enraged Viras is... the more sigils/tattoos/signs/markings appear on her body.. so yeah... hahahaa.

High Goddess Viras © suzux
God Marduk © blinddragon
Take a Bite! by suzux
Take a Bite!
Drawn: 8/5/16

Belru: "Yeah... went to visit the old man."
Nox: "I take it he wasn't, uh, pleased to see you?"
Belru: "Just a bit. Chewed me out. Heh."
Nox: "............... seriously...? Haha."
Ah how God Belru and Goddess Nox contemplate the circumstances of insane, mad parents. XD

I always love drawing these two. Need to do it more often! Yay!

God Belru and Goddess Nox © to Britani Ogden, or ME. suzux
An even friendlier baseball bat by suzux
An even friendlier baseball bat
Drawn: 7/8/16

Kamuzu: "Uhhh, guess you're putting this to good use...?"
Kiyoshi: "Spending life savings on meteorite iron is entirely worth it. :D"

Baseball bats are such a grand weapon! Especially made with a special alloy to beat the crap out of various sidhe and fae!
Hahaha, initially a sketch I did of my characters Uniceh no Kamuzu and No-Kiyoshi-Kujo. Enjoyed it enough to ink and color, mwahahaha.
These lovers for life! And boy howdy are the two brawlers with everything out there. XD As the blood indicates. Teaming up to take down local threats and just trolling everything else! Or at least Kaz, Kiyo tends to, plus try, to stay out of the focus of attention.
So nothing like cold iron and beating the crap out of magical beings!

Uniceh no Kamuzu and No-Kiyoshi-Kujo © to Britani Ogden, or ME. suzux
The Starlit Shadows and Flames by suzux
The Starlit Shadows and Flames
Drawn: 6/9/16

Yay! Finally finished a piece after doodling nonstop for weeks, hahaha.

I was inspired by an earlier piece for this one. Plus wanted to do something extra colorful that would make me cry on how much colored pencil it would use. XD Also wanted to do something with my character Pei-Le since, well, like drawing her.

So here be High Goddess Pei-Le in her different forms. Rebirth/Life and Death.
The coy, playful Goddess and the calm, blood thirsty Goddess.

The Shadowed God.

Now to rest my wrist and bemoan the plight for getting some new inking pens.

High Goddess Pei-Le © to suzux
Chibi Lady Magic by suzux
Chibi Lady Magic
Drawn: 5/7/16-5/9/16

A round of chibis!

I drew these for a craft fair this past weekend. Either to become bookmarks, car decals, ornaments, what have you. Managed to scan the drawings in before the laminate and stucco began! YAY!

So here be the ladies: No-Kiyoshi-Kujo, or Blood Witch. Goddess Hi'Naa. Goddess Nox. And No-Chan Juan-Kujo.

It was a blast to draw some chubby chibis again, so may do some more in the next couple of weeks.


No-Kiyoshi-Kujo, Blood Witch, Goddess Hi'Naa, Goddess Nox, No-Chan Juan-Kujo © Britani Ogden suzux
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So. Uh. Yes? XD It's been quite some time since I've come around updating this thing.

I've mainly been working on my Etsy site for the past month to prepare for the upcoming holidays. CHECK IT OUT, HINT HINT HINT.…


.... so whom be interested? Interested in the chibi art trades? :3

Perhaps after Halloween? Or before?


Some chick.
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