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Perpetually Embarrassed and Tired Sister Time Duo! by suzux
Perpetually Embarrassed and Tired Sister Time Duo!
Drawn: 2/1/16

Mwahaha! Inspiration hath struck and one must oblige! Especially after one has been watching Magical Girl animes!

So why not subject two of my main characters to that fate? XD Frills and lace, oh my.

No-Kiyoshi-Kujo and Ah-Aolani-Yani aren't too pleased with their current predicament. The older sister/cousin isn't thrilled with how that dress would get in the way of a physical brawl and exposing the gaping cursed hole in her chest without a trusty sarashi covering it, whilst the younger sister/cousin is wondering how her boobs are going to stay in that costume, especially without a bra!

Long run sentences! Oh my!
XD Hahahaa. Just wanted to do a little goofy piece. And draw some wa lolita style clothing.

No-Kiyoshi-Kujo and Ah-Aolani-Yani © suzux
.Rebirth or Death. by suzux
.Rebirth or Death.
Drawn: 1/8/16

Gasp! An upload!

I have other drawings that I've done during the two month period, but eh. May put them up here or may not. Or eventually, one day!

So did a duality piece with a deity from my characters universe, the High Goddess of Death and Rebirth. As always I adore drawing and coloring in that mass of hair, but at the same time rue it because my red colored pencils always take a punch whenevery they're used. XD
So the butterfly Goddess Pei-Le is creating a soul...? And claiming the hawk Goddess Pei-Le a soul too?

I don't know. I need new inking pens. XD BLAGH!

High Goddess Pei-Le © suzux
Inflamed Butterfly by suzux
Inflamed Butterfly
Drawn: 11/20/15

Color! And hair of abomination! How you inspire me! XD

I wanted to do a piece of my character High Goddess Pei-Le doing... stuff? Creating another powerful soul of sorts once more?

Eh! Mainly wanted to design a gossamer attire for her, again, and really haven't drawn her in something of a neutral tone.

Plus a corset. Don't draw those a lot. HUR.

Anyway. Yay!

High Goddess Pei-Le © suzux
Sparkle Legs by suzux
Sparkle Legs
Drawn: 10/24/15



Have always loved drawing those legs of hers, along with the coloring. Goodness! She is a character from my personal universe, well, a more extreme version and more comical adaptation of Kiyo.

How my characters suffer for the art that is Halloween! And for fun! XD

And good ol' witch will be made into a bookmark after this. YAY!

Blood Witch and No-Kiyoshi-Kujo © To me, suzux
.Allow Me to Create the Stars. by suzux
.Allow Me to Create the Stars.
Drawn: 9/26/15

Drawn: 9/26/15

Oh! Finished a piece this soon! Yeah.

I haven't drawn my character High God Atl'Ch from my characters universe for quite a while, well, officially finished due to the fact I have doodles of him all around. Hahaha.

Being the God of Night, Darkness, and the Underworld.Known as The Weaver and The Archer, Atl'Ch is preparing the night sky with his hair here, about to send it soaring through the skies with a flick of his wrist.
I am a sucker for white hair. XD So much hair!

High God Atl'Ch © suzux
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So. Uh. Yes? XD It's been quite some time since I've come around updating this thing.

I've mainly been working on my Etsy site for the past month to prepare for the upcoming holidays. CHECK IT OUT, HINT HINT HINT.…


.... so whom be interested? Interested in the chibi art trades? :3

Perhaps after Halloween? Or before?


Some chick.
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It's me again, that one who keeps changing accounts (robotarsenic/indigo-mood/etc.), I finally logged onto dA again! haha. It's good to see your art again ; v ;
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:3 Why thank you!
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